4 Reasons To Use Contract Cannabis Extraction and Manufacturing Services


Pasaverde Labs is a leading contract cannabis extractor in California and we were one of the first licensed manufacturers in Sacramento. We get a wide range of in-bound questions and inquiries regarding our range of services. This article should help potential customers understand our core services and how we can help propel your business forward with new cannabis product lines. 


Contract manufacturing can be defined as a form of outsourcing where a manufacturer enters into an arrangement or formal contract with another manufacturing service provider for a specific product or components, which can be used in their own manufacturing process or a complete “end product”. 

In our case Pasaverde Labs can be utilized in various ways — from providing raw extracted oil to creating pure distillate that’s ready for customer consumption. End to end services include: 

  • Sourcing raw material for production
  • Testing 
  • Extraction
  • Winterization 
  • Terpene and other compound isolation 
  • Post-processing of refined oil
  • Distillate production 
  • Packaging 


We often hear from clients that their sole need is to need to get extracts quickly. We rarely hear about short term vs. long term plans, much less a marketing strategy. That’s why we like to work with brands and operators with a clear vision, experience and a defined roadmap. Coming to the table with that info helps to define the contract manufacturing relationship and the needs for all parties involved. From this vantage point, we can layout advantages and benefits of working with our cannabis extraction service specialists.  

So why does contract cannabis manufacturing make sense? 

  1. COSTS. ZERO upfront investment. You’re not purchasing the extraction equipment. You’re not having to setup complex post-processing systems or maintain them. Especially as a startup, you’ve got to keep costs lean and laser focus. Contracting out your oil extraction needs to our turnkey services lowers all barriers to you exploring the fast growing category of cannabis concentrates. 
  2. SPEED: Need an oil end product produced quickly? We adhere to strict turnaround times. From our initial conversation where we learn about your needs and goals, we are able to plan for rapid turnaround times to get in you in the market faster. We’re on a constant mission to improve delivery times from testing more efficient winterization techniques to producing clear distillate faster, we strive to meet your requirements and deadlines with the finished product you want. 
  3. ACCESS TO SPECIALISTS: We are extraction specialists. Our goal is to be the best in cannabinoid development and we invest heavily to be the market leaders. We have a top tier team of chemists and bioengineers who are passionate about their work. That passion is transferred to the products they create and to the clients we service. Whether it’s isolating specific terpene profiles and balancing end-product consistency, we’ll strive to always over-deliver with superior quality. 
  4. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST. Whether it’s cultivation or working directly with patients, outbound marketing and distribution, focus on your top skills and leave extracting the best possible product to us.